Mahakala and other insect eating Dinosaurs

Every kid loves dinosaurs. Students display knowledge in various fields while talking about dinosaurs. Listen to the students talk geography, history, geology, Latin names, and anatomy while explaining about the dinosaurs. Now, there is a perfect example to take this to younger grades…

Pick up this title:












Mahakala and other Insect-Eating Dinosaurs

Words by Dougal Dixon

Pictures by Steve Weston and James Field

Picture Window Books, 2010

With a short introduction about Dinosaurs, the authors take us right into the theme– insect-eating dinosaurs.  Simple descriptions of 8 insect-eating dinosaurs are found in the book.The modern animals that behave like these dinosaurs are included in the same page.

The bright illustrations are very real, colorful, and with extremely detailed. It shows dinosaurs in the habitats, from the arid regions to the conifer forests they lived in. When a higher grade reader picks up these books, they will have questions about where the fossils were discovered. A silhouette map showing their distribution areas would have been a great asset.

With great books like this in the classroom, the dinosaur enthusiasts will simply multiply!


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This blog is all the news and bits that interest me. As a children's writer, I look at the world from a child's perspective. There are many wonderful things to talk to your child or your class about today. Reading with them is only one way. It is never too late to read with a child. Start today!
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