I is for Inuksuk

With classrooms around the world becoming increasing multicultural, it is necessary to read books from other cultures. A quick survey will tell us that all cultures are not proportionally represented in published books. It was a great pleasure to get one from the Arctic region. And this one specifically covers the Inuksuk!

Pick up this title:








I is for Inuksuk: An Arctic Celebration

Words & Pictures by: Mary Wallace

Maple Tree Press, 2009

Many children in the class will wonder how people find their way around in the harsh winter climate of the Arctic. Icy winds don’t allow for name boards. Inuit people have discovered an unique way to mark their special locations using Inuksuks. They all give a message– good hunting ground, pointing to the north star, good spot to dry a kyak, and even to express joy.

The text is filled with Inuit words, and the words are written in the Inuit script is reminiscent of many modern languages. The illustrations are terrific in details, colorful and artistic, with plenty of details. This is interspersed with sparse text. The book has many more details to offer.

It showcases a life style that is perfectly adapted to the seasons and weather of the arctic. From food to shelter to clothes, the pages shows us a unique culture that thrives in the arctic. Survival in the arctic is linked with the availability of animals and other creatures. This book demonstrates the spirit of human adaption! Our lives are enriched by this amazing tale of adaptation and survival.

Long live fellow humans in the Arctic!


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This blog is all the news and bits that interest me. As a children's writer, I look at the world from a child's perspective. There are many wonderful things to talk to your child or your class about today. Reading with them is only one way. It is never too late to read with a child. Start today!
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