Cycle of Rice

Almost everyone eats rice. In fact, nearly, half the world’s population eats rice as their staple food. What is there to know about rice? Plenty!

Pick up this title:

Cycle of Rice. Cycle of Life: A story of sustainable framing

Words & Pictures by: Jan Reynolds

Lee & Low Books, 2009

This amazing book is filled with wonderful pictures and a heart warming tale about how rice and life are interlinked in the island of Bali. In this sun-soaked corner of the world, rice farming is a way of life. It has been for centuries.

Rice was more than a staple food for the people and farmers. It was intertwined with their daily life and routine and also their social, spiritual, and seasonal calendars. Until the onset of green revolution, there were no problems.

Then came the green revolution when traditional cycle was disrupted. More fertilizers were used to increase the land yield, the traditional varieties of rice were replaced with new ones. These changes led to a collapsed system. Stephen Lansing, an American scientist, helped to understand the old system. His research has shown that the new system isn’t always good. People are now working together to bring back traditional patters of farming.

The best part of the book is the emphasis on water cycle and water sharing and distribution from the peak until it flows into the ocean. That is the best part of the story. How it all unfolds is something you will have to find out for yourself! Read a book! Today!


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