The shocking truth

Energy is a shocking thing. Really. We need energy for everything. And energy is everywhere.

Energy is also elusive- changes from one form to another. The energy from the sun can end up in our muscles. And the energy in our muscles can reach all over the planet. Sometimes beyond that.

Teaching energy is abstract. But it can be interesting if energy can be presented playfully and with diagrams. The more graphic novel-like look the book has, the more likely the students will choose to read it.

Pick up this title:








The Shocking Truth about Energy

Words & Pictures by: Loreen Leedy

Holiday House, 2010

Meet Erg. Pure Energy.

How can you catch that pure energy? May be by converting it from light –> Fuel –> Heat.

Energy can be found in sound, light, and heat.

On page 13, exploring the effects of global warming is presented in a simple and subtle manner. Written to hold attention:

A warmer Earth means:

disappearing glaciers

higher sea levels

melting ice at poles

flooded islands and coastlines

stronger storms and more heat waves

crop failures

habitat loss

a longer dry season with more wildfires

low water flow in rivers

more deserts

Many people want to stop warming up Earth. so they want to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

On page 19, the complex diagram of wind mill is elegantly simplified.

The good news and bad news for all the energy types are explored.

The book ends with a message about saving energy. Remember that you will need to unplug some devices to save energy.

Shockingly, we can save lot of energy by just turning off the lights when we enter and leave a room. Every one can save energy. You can too!


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