Papa Frog

The world is full of creatures. Yet frogs hold a special place in the ecosystem. They are known as the indicators species. If water, air, or land is polluted, you will see weird-looking frogs in the ecosystem.

Pick up this title:









Hip-Pocket Papa

Words by: Sandra Markle

Pictures by: Alan Marks

Charlesbridge Publishing, 2010

A creature that measures less than an inch lives in the forest floor in Australia. It lives among the litter and dry leaves. Many people might have walked past it and missed it completly.

Nothing in nature is without beauty or uniqueness. The little frog has a wonderful story to tell. And it is the story of survival linked to the seasonal rhythms of the land. It is a story that will capture the interest of many students for sure.

The male-hip frog cares for the young, as the title suggests. But the survival story is more than that. How does it escape the weather? And what about the enemies or other creatures that are looking for the male-hip frog. How long does he have to wait? Will his journey be successful? And what about the young? Will he live to see his tadpoles grow into froglets?

Read the saga of this tiny creature which reminds us that everything in nature is beautiful and with a purpose. Read it today!


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This blog is all the news and bits that interest me. As a children's writer, I look at the world from a child's perspective. There are many wonderful things to talk to your child or your class about today. Reading with them is only one way. It is never too late to read with a child. Start today!
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