Grains in your food

What is your favorite food?








All of these?

Your favorite foods are made of grains. And a grain is actually a seed. A cereal. And there is good news regarding your favorite food.

Eat them! Eat 5 to 6 ounces of grains daily.

Yes! You should!

To read more about your favorite foods…

Pick up this title:








Macaroni and Rice and Bread by the Slice: What is in the Grains Group?

Words by: Brian P. Cleary

Pictures by: Martin Goneau

Millbrook Press, 2011

Every kid wants to control the menu. Perhaps they didn’t have a great chance at doing that. Now, they too can participate in the decisions. Only they need to be armed with the right information.

The series Food is CATegorical deals with all the elements in the USDA food pyramid.







Read this and all the other titles in this wonderful series.  Now, challenge the kids to build a menu based on the pyramid.

That will be fun!!!




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