Crepescular Crickets..

Have you tried camping in your backyard in the summer? How often have you heard the annoying chirppppp? Sometimes, it sounds like a screech in an impossibly high pitch. Not sure what I mean?

Listen to a Cricket Chirping

If you have heard this before then, you already know cricket. May be not know them for there are 900 species of crickets.

For a quick introduction to crickets, pick up this book:










Crickets in the Dark

Words by: Doreen Gonzales

The Rosen Publishing Group, 2010

The crickets are special creatures. Consider these..

Cricket’s ears are on its front two legs..

Many crickets can jump 20 times their own length!

Singing is done only by the male crickets..

Chocolate covered crickets are a delicacy..

Crickets can be kept as pets..

Crickets play an important role in the nature. They keep the soil healthy. Many animals feed on cricket.

There is more to the cricket than the song. This is a great book to share with the class or at home.





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This blog is all the news and bits that interest me. As a children's writer, I look at the world from a child's perspective. There are many wonderful things to talk to your child or your class about today. Reading with them is only one way. It is never too late to read with a child. Start today!
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