A Reef, a reef, a coral reef!

Read a book that will take you a new place. In less than 10 minutes, you will enter the warm waters, swim with the bright corals and fishes, and get tossed in the wild cyclonic waves. Yet, you need not move from the safe, comfortable chair you are sitting down to read. Now, that is an adventure in reading!

Pick up this title:

This is the Reef

Words by: Miriam Moss

Pictures by: Adrienne Kennaway

Francis Lincoln Ltd., London. 2007

Reefs, like dinosaurs are ancient. Reefs however continue to live and build on the skeletons of the dead creatures. These reefs are home to millions of unique creatures.

The author says it beautifully…

..This is the place where fish crowd for cleaning

by busy striped wrasses,

while turtles flip by.

Watch this place, brimming with life. It is the place for creatures to live. This is the place where creatures get eaten. This is the place where weather is made. This is the place where millions of creatures have lived for centuries.

It is a thrill to travel down this path with smooth prose and great observations to guide us in the process. This is a great addition for any classroom studying the habitats of the Earth.

Any reader will love this corner of the Earth, a spot called the Great Barrier Reef!

If you didn’t read your book today, make it this one!

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One lucky find!

Nine-year-old Shoki Tanaka, a third-grade elementary school  student, found a dinosaur tooth! He was doing what kids all around the world do– attend dino dig for fossils. Only Shoki turned lucky!

But wait, Shoki didn’t get to take it home. His find is in the The Museum of Nature and Human Activities, Hyogo.

See Shoki with his prized tooth here…



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